The Story of Poln: Demystifying E-Commerce

Nearly $250 billion in annual revenue is generated by small to mid-sized online retailers. They come from different backgrounds, they're passionate about what they're selling and often times, they dedicate all possible resources into building their store. 

However, having worked in data-driven organizations, I've been shocked to see the disregard and lack of return in a way that is absolutely unacceptable. Retailers start with small test campaigns across marketing platforms that are so challenging to use that you need a computer science degree to understand them. And then retailers blow through their budget in a few hours by not knowing the shortfalls or the stop gap measures for many of these outlets. 

The only thing that does is leave a very sour taste. 

Why isn't new user acquisition easy? Why aren't ad platforms effective? Why the mystery surrounding the very core of what makes a business work?

And that's the reason why we started Poln. Poln makes new user acquisition easy and helps people sell more products. That's it. No complicated budgeting menus, no random pricing mechanism and no inflated promises. We've seen the platform, at the very least, double the conversion rate for many of our retailers and for some, it's been an OK investment. 

Advertising is part science and part creativity. I was on a plane back from Los Angeles after spending some time analyzing a client's e-commerce store and was horrified to see the technical performance of a very well known agency. The work that they had developed for this specific client was awful - broken links, no effective call-to-action buttons and a laggy experience at best. 

Here's the thing - good advertising requires a good ecosystem. And despite all the changes going on in ad-tech, I'm proud that our small team has been able to help so many brands. Our results speak for themselves and our goal is to help the hundreds of thousands of online retailers who've gotten lost in the process of reaching and acquiring new users. 

Poln's simple. It's effective. And if you're a retailer looking to try it - email me directly at I will personally make sure that it delivers for you.