Book Review: Uncommon Stock

I've been slacking on my reading lately. With work and travel, I haven't had much time to catch-up on new books in a while. Over the past year, I only had a chance to read under two-dozen books. This year, I hope to at-least increase that number to around 35 books. 

One of the best new book series from last year has been Uncommon Stock by Eliot Peper. I'm not going to go through the story in this post, but if you're a startup founder, you need to read the 3 book series (the third one will be released this year).  

It's term-sheets mixed in with murder. It's start-up stress blended in with relationships. And it's a thrilling combination of survival skills - personal and professional. 

What also makes this book unique is that it is backed by FG Press - a new publishing arm from Foundry Group. Overall, their selection of books and authors is truly unique and I'm looking forward to more publishers following suit of good books without the bureaucracies.