Review: Prime Now

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for a dinner meeting, I realized that I had run out of body wash. 

As someone who lives in New York, running to the store around the corner is usually not an issue. However, being a lazy Sunday, I decided to not leave my apartment and give Prime Now a chance. 

My first impression: prices are reasonable, but how much would I end up paying for shipping?

Turns out, if you want your order delivered within one hour, you pay a flat rate of $7.99 for a $15.00 minimum order. If you want it anytime after 61 minutes, it is free. Yep, free!

Not only can you get bodywash delivered, Amazon boasts "over 25,000 items" via their app. And it seems to have just about everything that you would need within an hour:

  • Household supplies
  • Batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Hard drives
  • Kindles
  • Water

The variety is good, the prices are great and unlike Amazon Prime, you don't have to meet an order minimum on cheaper items. 

I think I've found my new lazy solution!