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Weekend Getaway: Sag Harbor

While looking for at destinations for a surprise trip for our parent’s anniversary, we looked at a lot of different options but decided to check out a summer destination in the middle of winter: Sag Harbor.


Just over 100 miles away from Manhattan, it turned out to be a great location for us to relax, wind down and celebrate their 34th anniversary. While things are definitely quiet for the off-season, it was a great way to experience the sights without any of the summer crowds.


As travel and tourism has soared thanks to social media, it most certainly is a breath of fresh air to travel to places that are quaint and charming – even for a few days.

360 Degree Cameras on Vacation

I've been a camera geek for as long as I can remember. I love how each camera is able to play on its strengths to create beautiful images and videos.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in advanced camera technology – iPhone's portrait mode all the way up to 360 degree cameras.

Last year, I purchased a GoPro Fusion camera to experiment with and so far, it has accompanies me on every major trip.

For our end of the year vacation in Thailand, I left it running in a few different places, edited the videos when I got home and simply published it on YouTube. The result is embedded below:

For the first time ever, a technology is able to truly capture the surroundings without disruption.

As I continue to research this technology, I'll definitely be posting a lot more videos on my YouTube channel.

Time Off to Ring in 2019

Happy New Year from somewhere over the Pacific!

For the first time in almost 3 years, I took time off by not responding to non-emergency emails, texts and phone-calls. And it was invigorating.

2018 has been a year of considerable change and as always, as an entrepreneur, it takes a significant toll.

For this year, we had 3 distinct itineraries for the end of the year: a wedding in India, a trip to Vietnam and diving in Thailand. And despite the 8 flights it took us to wrap up the year - it was absolutely worth it.

We live in such a connected world that in Vietnam and Thailand had incredible data connectivity nearly everywhere we visited including the shuttle bus from the hotel to the boat and even the incredibly affordable spas that we visited. India on the other hand was significantly worse and quite the opposite.

Despite being connected nearly 24/7, avoiding the temptation to constantly work paid off in dividends. I’ve never felt more relaxed and I’m looking forward to 2019 with a fresh pair of eyes and a clear head.

Quebec City

Recently, my wife planned a quick getaway to Quebec City. It’s an enchanting city and one that offers incredible views within its old walls. Here are some quick shots from the Leica MP - all shot on film.