A Surfboard and a House



I've had a really interesting week. All good things, but extremely exhausting for an immune system that is failing me lately. 

There are certain people that I want to see during the week. Seeing them makes my days better. 

As we are having drinks this afternoon, I overhear the two people next to me talking about life in general. 

Being the rude individual I am, I listened to them as my favorite person in the world left to visit the restroom. 

Their conversation was interesting. However the part that stuck out for me was a straightforward question from one person to another: "What's the biggest thing you've purchased?"

Person 1: "a house"

Person 2: "a surfboard"

As my date returned, I focused on her. She's incredible, so easy choice. 

But, as I've thought more and more about that question today, it is a very deep question. 

And I'll rephrase it this way - would you rather own a house or a surfboard?

Or another way - would you rather be confined to safety or believe in adventure?

Or a final way - would you rather follow tradition or your heart?

Life is about those little moments. The first conversation. The first dream. And the first smile. 

You just need to know if you want to be on a surfboard or in a house. 

Aanarav SareenComment