On Chasing Adventure

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.
— J.K. Rowling
Costa Rica, 2013. Slipping off the cliff without a proper security harness. 

Costa Rica, 2013. Slipping off the cliff without a proper security harness. 

In a little over 60 days, I depart on the most extreme adventure of my life - New Zealand with stops in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia along the way. 

It's an adventure that I've chased for longer than I can ever remember. To travel. To explore. To jump off bridges. To sitting in a boat and getting thrown off of it. To go down the world's fastest rapids with nothing but a camera. 

It is an expensive adventure. One I really shouldn't be splurging on, but here's the thing - who cares? I find that people work their entire lives without spending money on themselves. I'm a very strong supporter on saving money. I've followed that policy since my first paycheck and continue to do that today. But, I'm also a supporter of budgeting. If you can do it without going into debt - do it. 

But, this story isn't about savings. It's about figuring out what drives you to be better. 

I've had this conversation with multiple people over the course of the past few years - if something makes you happy - that's what you should be doing. 

Want to go out and have a beer? Do it. 

Want to hangout with someone? Do it. 

Want to quit your job? Do it. 

Want to fall in love with someone totally wrong for you? Do it. 

Want to jump out of a plane? Do it.

Want to live on the edge? Do it.

Want to quit? Do it. all of it if it makes you happy. I'm fortunate enough that my passion is building things with people I care about and where I can add value. 

Other than that, screw it. No amount of dollar signs are going to convince me. Why? Because I'll be unhappy the entire time. 

I chase adventure because it makes me happy. Yes, there are consequences, but who cares?

I choose to live on the edge because it makes me happy. Yes, I've almost fallen off a cliff to my death. But, I don't care. I've fallen from rocky waterfalls and broken my toe. I drove myself to the hospital, where they couldn't do anything. I still enjoyed my time.

Here's the bottom line - chasing adventure - is just like chasing life. If people hold you back, ditch them. This is your life. Live it the way you want it. You owe yourself at least that much.