Let Kids Play

I was walking to work yesterday morning, enjoying the 30 degree weather in New York (note: that’s freezing) and I saw a family taking photos around the Wall Street area. Unlike most families on vacation, the Dad or the Mom weren’t the only ones taking photos. I saw a young kid around 9 years old, taking photos with her iPod touch. And she wasn’t being rushed by her parents.

Technology has made life easier. Tasks have been simplified and life has become a tad bit convenient. But, along the way, people stopped playing and experiencing things around them. As someone who has a viewfinder stuck to his eye on most trips, I am definitely guilty of this.

But – technology has also made people intuitive and creative. When I see a 9 year old taking photos on something that she uses on a daily basis – that’s a big step forward. Not only will she edit those photos on a device that didn’t exist 10 years ago, but she will be able to share content with her friends.

When I was a kid, this sort of technology was not embedded in my day-to-day activities. I had to learn the hard way. I did. And I had a lot of fun doing so along the way.

The next generation is going to be far different. These kids are being born into a world where social networks and mobile devices are the norm. And these items truly inspire and drive creativity – simply because they are having fun.